Election 2018 . . . County Board of Education – Claudia Rossi seeks people coming together to benefit students

Morgan Hill Life Spetember 7, 2018

Our children deserve to live in a safe community that nurtures, motivates and helps them reach their fullest potential. Our community deserves leaders who work collaboratively embracing the highest level of integrity to find solutions and champion initiatives that serve the interests of our children and families.

I was honored to serve on the Morgan Hill Unified School Board for four years, working with my colleagues to create more choices for families such as the Jackson Academy of Music and Math and San Martin/Gwinn’s Environmental Science Academy and Dual Immersion Programs.

With the support of Chief of Police David Swing and Jeff Dixon of the Morgan Hill Youth Sports Alliance, I created the Youth Sports Mentor Program which gave our local police officers, firefighters and other mentors the opportunity to engage at-risk youth through the magic of sports to encourage and guide them to be their very best selves.

I also founded, along with Mario Banuelos and Britton Science Teacher George Flores, Project Roadmap, which has created a college-going culture among students who would be first in their families to attend college.

With your support, I was elected four years ago to the Santa Clara County Board of Education where I have worked to address the needs of foster youth, special needs students and youth ages 16-24 who have not earned a high school diploma. I have worked to invest in Early Childhood Education programs which have a proven track record of addressing the achievement gap.

I have advocated for vital professional development programs for educators to support the application of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to address bullying and discipline challenges in our schools as well as adaptation of Next Generation Science Standards and Stem curriculum.

I ask for your support to continue to advocate, work and serve our children.

I am a mother, registered nurse and proud resident of Morgan Hill — with your support and vote we can continue to give our children the community and education they deserve.

Visit www.voteclaudiarossi.com.

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